Tofu Litter is made from 100% natural pea fibre, without any harmful chemicals added and entirely environmentally friendly.

TOFU Sand not only rapidly absorbs humidity, but also has a binding action and eliminates unpleasant odours.
It is also extremely soft on your cat's sensitive paws.

Available options:
Bomboo Activated Carbon • Original • Green Tea


100% vegetable and biodegradable

Due to its natural composition, the litter is biodegradable and soluble in water. It can be safely disposed down the toilet.
The tiny 2 mm granules can absorb cat urine in just 1.5 seconds, thereby preventing humidity from reaching the bottom of the cat's litter box and preventing the growth of bacteria.

Soft on the paws

Made from natural materials that are soft for your cat's sensitive paws.

Ultra absorbent and binding

The vegetable fibres in tofu absorb 4 to 5 times the liquid of their own volume.  Rapid agglomeration in seconds, reducing waste and facilitating the cat's litter box maintenance.

Compostable and washable

Soluble in water and can be flushed down the toilet or composted.

Particular odour control

Perfectly neutralises unpleasant odours in the cat's litter box.

Leaves no trace

The cat's paws always remain clean, it leaves no traces and the house is perfectly clean.

Dust-free, easy to clean

Natural litter made from pea fibre is totally environmentally friendly. The litter is biodegradable, so it can be composted and used as a natural fertiliser.

Contains no wood

No wood is used to make this litte. Therefore, no trees are cut down and nature is protected. Due to the unique ingredients, the litter doesn't create dust, so it is safe for pets and their owners.

Made from natural ingredients, it is safe and environmentally friendly.


How to use

1. Fill a clean litter box to a depth of just 5-7 cm with TOFU litter. If you've never used TOFU cat litter before, you can mix it with the litter you're currently using.

2. Remove clumps and solid waste daily after your cat has used the box. Tofu litter is water-soluble, which means it can be flushed down the toilet in small quantities or used for composting.

3. After opening the packaging, make sure you close it again and store it in a clean and dry place.

4. Refill the litter accordingly to maintain a depth of 5/7 cm of sand in the box for long-lasting odour control. For best results, empty the box and add fresh litter at least once a month.

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