Happy Meow is an online shop specialised in products for cats. We are the official representative of the Happy Meow brand, which produces ultra premium Tofu litter.

We are a young and dynamic team that is committed to passing on its knowledge, deep passion, well-being principles and hygiene to your felines.

Our official Happy Meow brand is a 100% Tofu litter, without any harmful chemicals, with 0 (zero) dust level, protecting our friends' urinary and respiratory characteristics. It is completely biodegradable and since it is water-soluble, it can be flushed down the toilet not only without harming the environment or your plumbing) but also without compromising the high rate of absorption and clumping. Furthermore, the litter has a supreme power when it comes to controlling unpleasant odours, which is essential for both cats and their owners.

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